Stan drops a bombshell on Mick

Dean and Mick help a collapsed Stan to his feet, getting him inside the Vic. Mick is livid when Dean warns he’ll be back before leaving the Vic. Nancy follows Dean, telling him to stay away from the family. Confronting Shirley, Stan tells her to fix things with the family.
With the Carters in uproar, Shirley decides to confess to Mick why she pretended to be his sister. Dark secrets spill out and the family is even further torn apart. When she doesn’t get the reaction she’d hoped for from Mick, Shirley breaks down on Dean. Meanwhile, Tina encourages Mick not to leave things on a bad note with Shirley.
Mick visits Shirley and says he wants her to stay as his ‘sister’ but then reveals that Dean has been reported to the police. Back at the Vic, Mick and Tina find Stan looking through old photos. Relieved when Mick says he’s sorted things with Shirley, Stan then drops a bombshell on Mick and Tina, asking them to help him die.