Mick and Tina brings Stan’s favourite chair to the hospice in a bid to make him comfortable. Stan is more interested in discussing his impending marriage to Cora, suggesting they get married tomorrow. Insisting that the one thing that would make him happy before he dies is to see Mick and Shirley reunited, Stan demands they bury the hatchet. Swallowing his pride, Mick visits Shirley, but is stunned when she shuts the door in his face.

Mick and Buster come to blows when Buster blames Mick for Dean’s arrest the previous day. When Buster works out that Shirley was responsible – not Mick – he threatens to leave the Square without Shirley. Given food for thought about the importance of family after bumping into Nancy and Lee, Buster makes a decision, opting to stay in the Square after all.

The feud between Max and Phil heats up, leaving Jay stuck in the middle. While Phil tries to snoop at the Arches, Max is doing his best to keep the boys onside. Meanwhile, Kat’s out of hospital and Alfie, Stacey and Mo try to make her feel comfortable at home.