Stan offers to take the Carters to greyhound racing as a treat. When his suggestion doesn’t go down well, a disgruntled Stan says he’ll take Cora instead. Before he can go out, Stan collapses and is rushed to hospital, having lost the feeling in his legs. At the hospital, the Carters are devastated when Stan reveals he’s been told the cancer has spread and he will never walk again.

Sonia is put out when she learns from Martin that Rebecca has arranged to stay with him, especially when Martin insists Rebecca doesn’t want to see her. When Rebecca turns up in the Square, Sonia visits her, only to be stunned to see the formerly straight-laced Rebecca now dressed as a Goth!

Masood warns Kush to back off when a heartbroken Shabnam is upset by Kush’s attempts to speak to her. Already stressed, when a meeting about buying the Argee Bhajee doesn’t go well, Masood lapses back into his bad old ways, heading to the bookies to make a bet.

Also, Donna and Fatboy are at odds after Donna makes a complaint about him at the market.