Tina is devastated to learn from Mick that Stan will have to stay in hospital. Visiting Stan, the Carter family break the news that he won’t be coming home. An upset Stan asks to see Dean, worrying Nancy. Taking Shirley aside, Nancy prepares to explain what happened in the barrel store the night Dean disappeared.

Kat tries to move on with her life, arranging a family dinner. On edge, she worries about Tommy’s behaviour then ends up burning the meal. Finding Kat in a mess, Alfie treats the whole family to a slap-up dinner in The Vic. Seemingly on the right track as she opens up to her family about her feelings, when Kat is left alone her real plan is revealed as she contemplates suicide…

Sharon is concerned that Phil has done something he’ll regret when he returns to the Square without Ben. Later, Ben’s returned home by the police after being humiliated by Phil. A furious Ben confronts Phil, who tells him to channel his anger towards Max.

Also, Cindy tells Jane she’s moving back to Devon.