Stan’s secret is out

The Carters prepare a family lunch for Lee’s 22nd birthday. Aunt Babe realises that Stan still hasn’t confessed his secret to the family. Although Stan warns Aunt Babe not to meddle, she insists the family should know, announcing to everyone that Stan has terminal cancer. Stunned by the news, Mick and Tina decide they need Shirley home more than ever, but no one knows where she is. Angry with Aunt Babe, Stan accuses her of being manipulative, demanding to know where she’s hiding Shirley…

Stacey is impressed when she wakes up in Dean’s bed to find he’s already awake and has got Lily ready for school. When Dean later flirts with a customer in the salon, Stacey’s surprised when she has a twinge of jealousy. After discovering the news about Stan, an upset Dean confides in Stacey, who consoles him. When Dean says he’ll change for her, Stacey buys him some nicotine patches, encouraging him to quit smoking as a start.

Cora is chuffed to be invited by Stan to the family birthday lunch. Dolling herself up, she makes her way to the Vic. Waiting at the bar, Cora is horrified to overhear Tina and Tosh talking about Stan’s illness. A heartbroken Cora walks out.

Also, Linda is resolved to go ahead with the abortion.