When Chrissie finds her car covered in red paint it seems as if the Lachlan/Alicia situation is spiralling out of control as the locals take sides over the assault. Cain gets the blame for damaging Chrissie’s car, but he later tells Debbie it had nothing to do with him. With her nerves at breaking point, Chrissie then fires Nicola for branding her son a rapist! But the worst of the stress comes Alicia’s way when Lachlan pitches up at the shop. Totally freaked out, Alicia starts hurling the shop’s contents at him!

As widower Andy’s wake up call continues, he realises just how many people he’s hurt while he’s been grieving for Katie. Tracy moves back into Val’s and reveals she’s scared of the farmer while Diane suggests Andy take refuge in The Woolie for a while.

Elsewhere, Sandy’s suspicions rise when he overhears Rhona and Paddy discussing Pearl’s memory problems.