‘Stay with me,’ Declan tells Ella

Ella has put her cards on the table and, having considered them overnight, Declan has decided he wants to play. He feels sometimes that he can’t bear to be at Home Farm with Ella in it for another minute, but he also feels – much more strongly – that he can’t bear to live without her. He tells Ella he wants her to stay. That’s just what she wants to hear – but she also wants to be sure he means it. Declan promises he does – and even takes her down the pub to tell everyone they’re back together. Ah, he knows how to woo a woman. He’ll probably buy her a bacon buttie from Viv’s afterwards, too.

Normally, Val would be propping up the bar and making biting comments about Ella managing to snag Declan not once but twice. But Val has her own marriage on her mind. And after a bit of digging, she has proof that Pollard is telling the truth; he’s not a murderer. But as far as she’s concerned he’s killed their marriage.

Scarlett’s hurting, too, without Adam. So, she puts Eve in charge of her business and announces she’s off to Canada to see her mum. Bye!

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