Ste and Abi can’t fight their feelings

Ste is relieved when he realises that Daniel knows nothing about his kiss with Abi. Daniel is suspicious that Abi has stopped doping Ste when Ste reveals that he’s been sleeping better. Daniel leaves Abi with Ste and Lucas while he visits the couple that are going to adopt Lucas. Abi confesses to Ste that her relationship with Daniel is far from great and she and Ste end up kissing passionately.

Malachy and Mercedes argue over money. Malachy heads out for a pint with Kris and is surprised when Kris reveals he’s got a stash of cash in the flat but he can’t spend any of it as yet. Malachy steals Kris’s keys and sneaks off to the flat. Kris realises what’s happened and legs it to the flat and confronts Malachy before he can find the money.

Steph wants to encourage Fernando and Gilly to be friends and talks Gilly into joining their team at the Dog pub quiz. Gilly struggles to hide his jealousy, especially when Fernando easily outshines him at the quiz. Fernando swaps teams to help out Archie and his team who are struggling to even things out. Gilly is gutted when he loses his team the winning place by incorrectly answering a tiebreaker.

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