Ste and Amy are in big trouble

Ste and Amy worry that Pauline will reveal the truth about Leah, but are relieved that she seems unbothered by their lies. When Sarah picks Amy up for Leah’s cancer fundraiser, Pauline is surprisingly supportive and even dissuades Sarah from visiting Leah in hospital. At The Dog, Amy gives an interview to a journalist, before Elliot calls her to make a speech on stage.

As she stutters out her mortified thanks to the crowd, drunken Pauline heckles her. Amy manages to bundle Pauline out of The Dog before she exposes her lies, leaving Sarah bewildered. Ste is later disgusted when Pauline gives him an ultimatum: Leah’s charity money for her silence.

When Steph almost catches Max practising his proposal speech, he hides the ring inside a hot cross bun. Later at The Dog, Max gets ready to take the plunge, but is interrupted, leaving Tom free to mix up all the buns. Max races around The Dog, snatching buns back from customers in a desperate bid to find the ring. But when Tom complains of tummy ache, it looks like Max’s proposal has failed again.

Also, Sasha is tempted to come clean to Leo about her drug problems, and Dom is attacked by a gang of girls in the village.

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