Ste and Brendan get frisky!

Ste isn’t sure of the arrangement between Rae and Brendan, angry when Brendan gives her money. He keeps asking how Brendan got her to change her mind, but later Cheryl tells him that Brendan is a good man. His anger turns to passion when he and Brendan get frisky in the office.

Warren lies to Cheryl as to why he’s in the basement, as Mitzeee hides round the corner. Later, Warren threatens Mitzeee, telling her she’s playing games. Annoyed at being snubbed by Brendan and angry at the situation, she spitefully gives Rae the key to the office knowing she’ll walk right in on the secret pair.

Doug and Jamil are still looking for Texas. Meanwhile, the killer is talking to a confused Texas, telling her he found her in the woods unconscious. When Texas starts talking about India he has a change of heart and realises he should never have killed sweet, innocent India. He can’t bring himself to kill wild child Texas so instead takes the comatose student to the hospital. Silas plays the good man and leaves Texas with her mum, who in turn asks him round for dinner.

Also; Heidi gets annoyed when Myra turns single white female.

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