Ste and Doug prepare to leave Hollyoaks

Ste and Doug prepare to say goodbye to Hollyoaks and Danny goes to the Council Flat to wish them good luck on their travels. But Doug is pained by Danny’s reluctance to tell Ste the truth before they leave. Ste is finding it difficult to say goodbye to Leah and Lucas. Leanne turns up at the flat and is furious to find out they’re leaving. She promises to let them go as long as they let her throw them a leaving party. While she’s at Price Slice buying party food, Nana McQueen spots Leanne’s engagement ring and tells her it belonged to Myra.

It’s Mercedes’ 30th birthday but everyone is keeping the celebrations low key. Eventually, Jim agrees to throw a birthday party for Mercedes at The Loft.

Tom is feeling ignored by the Osbornes and confides in Peri. He decides he’s going to London to see OB and tearfully leaves the pub, telling Jack he’s staying at the Lomax’s. Tom boards a bus and leaves Hollyoaks village.

Ash is shocked when she hears a thud in the living room and sees Leah lying on the floor crying. She thinks Leah is mistaken when she says she saw Will hiding the locket in the air vent, until the little girl confirms, she saw Will walk!