Ste and Harry are left out in the cold…

With Ste and Harry having slept rough in The Folly, Grace offers them £50 to help find Curtis’s favourite toy he’s lost. Ste cooks for the Roscoes to celebrate Jason passing his firearms fitness test, unaware Jason didn’t turn up for it… he’s getting drunk at The Dog. As Jason’s brought home by Tony, Ste wants Tony to ask Harry to come home – but Harry declines, not wanting to leave Ste. When Freddie says Harry and Ste can’t stay, they face another night outside – but they strike gold when they find Curtis’s toy and Grace gives them her spare room.

Elsewhere, the Roscoes are worried by Jason’s behaviour and Robbie knows the only person who can get through to him is Holly. Jason misreads Holly’s kindness and kisses her – she tries to push him away but he’s not taking ‘no’ for an answer until she struggles free.

As Lisa and Joanne discuss the photo of Margaret, Joanne explains how she knows her and wonders if she could try and get in touch with her to find the real Lisa. Lisa tries to summon the courage to tell her parents the truth about her identity, while Simone and Louis are still at each other’s throats. Lisa can’t tell them and threatens to back up Louis’s accusations that Joanne kidnapped ‘her’ if Joanne doesn’t keep quiet.

Also, Esther reads Kath her favourite story. She’s alarmed by Kath’s scared reaction, though, when she shows her a picture of Lindsey as a child.