Ste and Sinead play happy families

Sinead asks John Paul for help with Ste, but he refuses. Sinead goes to register Baby Hay without Ste, thinking he doesn’t want the responsibility of another child, but Ste finds her just in time and tells her he wants to do the ‘family thing’. Ste also sees Ben at the registry office and is suspicious about what he’s doing there.

Meanwhile, Cindy decides to write a book of her own and begins penning an erotic novel. She ropes Jason in to helping her, with awkward consequences.

Dr S’Avage confides in Sienna about Cameron’s threats. Cameron catches her trying to steal back Dr S’Avage’s exam papers and ups his demands – asking Dr S’Avage to promote Celine. Celine is ecstatic with Cameron as she thinks he got her the promotion innocently.

Also, Dylan and Nico make up. Nico returns to stay with Sienna, but later reveals to Dylan she has a chilling revenge plan for her mother…