Ste attacks Amy

When Amy comforts an upset Josh, she’s oblivious that a jealous Ste has spotted them together. Later, she arrives home and sets the scene for a romantic evening. Ste arrives home, but he ends up exploding with jealousy when she fails to tell him about her meeting with Josh.

Sasha is disgusted with herself after sleeping with Nige, and loses it with Lauren when she asks her where she was last night. Fearing Sasha is getting worse, Lauren tells Leo and Calvin that it was Sasha who really stole the laptop. Elsewhere, Nige takes great delight in telling Fletch that he slept with his girlfriend.

Sasha tries to explain her actions to a heartbroken Fletch, but he refuses to listen or give her any heroin. Later, as Fletch slumps in the alleyway after taking a hit, Sasha hits an all time low and breaks down beside him.

Nancy is livid when she hears Justin changed his statement, which means she won’t get custody of Charlie. She marches round to the Valentines’ but Leo stops her from entering.

Also, Dom sets Max up on a date, and Josh and Michaela are in trouble when their essay plagiarism is discovered.

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