Ste attacks Amy

Still reeling from the revelation that Kathy was behind the attacks, Amy vows never to talk to her again. However, she’s so preoccupied with the situation, she manages to forget Ste’s 18th birthday. Amy vows to mark the occasion but when Ste’s mum arrives, it becomes the birthday from hell. When they finally get the flat back to themselves Ste takes his pent-up frustration out on Amy and ends up lashing out at her.

Mike and Sarah are shocked and speechless when a seemingly unconcerned Kathy returns from the police station without a care in the world. While Kathy continues to act like nothing’s happened, Sarah realises she needs their help more than ever. Mike agrees that they have to support Kathy, despite her actions, but later, Kathy is shocked when she returns home to catch Zoe and Mike a little too close for comfort.

John-Paul is amused at seeing how besotted Michaela is with the McQueen’s new house guest Father Keiron. As undaunted Michaela continues to flirt with the priest, Myra is horrified when she realises her daughter is flaunting herself. But Michaela is determined to get her man.