Ste finds a flat for Amy

Amy is thrilled when Ste tells her he’s got them a council flat, and ignores Michaela’s advice to take things slowly. But Amy is surprised at how bleak the flat is, although she’s comforted when Mike turns up with some housewarming presents.

Tony comforts Jacqui when they are rejected from the adoption agency. As Jacqui comes to terms with never having kids, Tony struggles with not being allowed to see his son, Harry, on his birthday. He tells Dom he’s bought a great present for Harry but, worried how Jacqui will react, is keeping it secret.

Jacqui is furious when she later overhears Tony telling Tessie that Harry’s present is in the post. She lays down an ultimatum to Tony – it’s her or his son. But it backfires on her when Tony chooses Harry.

Loving her new job, Tina is pleased when she is praised by the boss, but Dom worries they’re not spending enough time together, and enrols them both into a historical society. But Tina is too caught up in her own life to pay much attention to his plans.

When Beth is evicted from halls, Gilly offers to help her out and takes Beth back to the Ashworths.