As Amy visits the hospital to be checked out, Ste begs for forgiveness. The nurse questions a shaken Amy about her accident, but Ste is relieved when Amy covers for him. On their way home, Ste makes another plea for forgiveness but ultimately blames Amy for provoking him. Convinced by his argument, Amy ends up forgiving Ste and apologises herself. But later, when Amy suggests getting a job to help with their income, Ste’s temper flares again.

Despite Max doing his best to back out of his date, Dom won’t be put off and Max is left speechless when stunning Nicky turns up. Meanwhile, Steph agrees to a night out in The Loft with Niall who’s annoyed when Nancy arrives to join them. When Max and Nicky turn up at The Loft, Steph is gutted, and fearing that Max has moved on, decides to make a move of her own. Meanwhile, Nancy ends up in a confrontation with Ste and Amy over the leukaemia lies, and is livid when Rafi intervenes.

Sasha is desperate to win back Fletch but he’s too disgusted to speak to her. Pretending she has some heroin for him, Sasha persuades Fletch to meet her, but when he arrives, he’s annoyed to discover she was fibbing.

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