Ste Hay blows a fuse and gets it all wrong in Hollyoaks

When he hears Leah scream, Ste Hay lashes out, but soon wishes he hadn't...

Tony and Harry decide to trust Ste to go out on his own but Ste can’t cope and makes a phone call – is it to his dealer? Ste goes to Amy’s house to see the kids and, when he hears Leah scream. He’s alarmed to find a strange man looming towards Leah and Ste punches him, but all is not as it seems… The man is Amy’s fiancé, Ryan (Duncan James) and he’s only playing with Leah. Ste’s floored when alpha male, Ryan, introduces himself.

Elsewhere, the Nightingale family descend into chaos. Ellie confronts Freddie about the photo and assumes Neeta is Freddie’s other woman. Jade feels sick to the stomach about the trouble she’s caused, while Mac wants answers from Neeta. Marnie’s soon forced into a confession and reveals it’s not Neeta in the photo – it’s Cindy! And Cindy doesn’t deny it.