Ste has some shock news for Mike

Amy is stunned when Mike announces he’s returning home early with Kathy in tow. She desperately tries to stall them and alert Ste before they return home, and when The Barnes’ return to an empty flat, Amy is convinced the coast is clear. However, Ste makes a grand entrance, infuriating Mike, who nearly resorts to violent methods to sort Ste out. But he’s stopped in his tracks when Ste claims to be baby Leah’s father.

With Darren still fuming about Frankie’s fostering, Jack tells Frankie they’ll have to stop, leaving her devastated. Zoe is unimpressed with Darren’s behaviour and questions their relationship. Realising the hurt his attitude towards Daisy is causing, Darren apologises and encourages Jack and Frankie to carry on fostering.

As Neville makes the funeral arrangements, Suzanne expects Rhys to show some grief for his father. But Rhys wishes he never learned the truth and worries he’ll end up like Noel – a drunken lothario.

Also, Josh is hurt to hear that Amy’s living with Ste, and The Baby Diegos decide to take inspiration from a few classic hits.