Ste helps Tony cope with his illness

Tony, Diane, Sinead and Doug gather for Pauline’s funeral, but Ste has gone AWOL. Tony goes to find him, but while he’s talking to Ste, he is devastated to see the effects of chemotherapy begin to take place as notices a clump of his own hair in his hand – it’s started. Ste proceeds to shave Tony’s head. The two friends go to Pauline’s wake and Ste decides to hand himself into the police.
Frankie makes a gobsmacking discovery when she finds Sienna’s pregnancy test, just as Nancy walks in. Sienna makes Darren choose, her or Nancy, and Darren tells his wife that if she signs the consent form for Oscar’s operation, he’s willing to give them another go. She reluctantly agrees, but is devastated when Darren back-tracks and asks for a divorce.
Chloe asks John Paul if she can be part of Matthew’s life. However, when John Paul overhears her on the phone discussing money troubles, he realises she’s only there to get cash from him. He’s floored when Chloe tells him he’s not Matthew’s father – Craig is – and if he doesn’t give her money she’s taking Matthew away.
Maxine continues to feel jealous about Patrick and Ash’s intellectual closeness, which is highlighted further during a pub quiz.