Ste’s suspicions are confirmed when he sees John Paul and Finn together in the alley and notices John Paul’s fear. Finn wakes with a start when water is thrown over him. He finds himself tied to some pipes at the disused petrol station, with Ste standing over him. Finn is stunned when he realises Ste knows he raped John Paul. Ste promises to kill Finn unless he confesses as John Paul tracks them down…

Later, at the college’s LGBT Seventies Disco, Ste and Sinead agree to put the past behind them and Ste sets his sights on George.

Meanwhile, Big Bob ups the pressure on Trevor when he tells him that he needs a SIM card smuggling into prison. When Grace finds out, she blackmails Lindsey to do it when she next goes to visits Joe.

Elsewhere, a curious Nico asks who her dad is. Sienna is horrified when she hears Nico telling Peri that she wishes she’d never been found by Sienna. Sienna tries to take Nico home but the teen trashes the coffee shop and runs away.