Ste loses his temper with Amy

The tension grows between Amy and Ste following his lies about the fake robbery. When Mike confronts her, Amy realises that Calvin has told her dad everything, and finds herself defending Ste’s actions. Meanwhile, Ste’s mum Pauline turns up drunk and in a vicious mood, telling him that Amy will never stay with someone like him. Ste is left afraid that there might be some truth in what his mum says. As Amy tries to comfort him, he pushes her away and end up slapping her across the face.

In an attempt to boost takings, Jack announces bingo night at The Dog. The McQueens are desperate to win to secure the one thousand pound prize money to pay off Myra’s benefit fine, but Val also has her eye on the prize. It’s a tense battle before Jacqui is declared the winner. But, having paid for Jacqui’s entry ticket, Val insists she deserves half of the winnings.

Rhys is hurt to hear that Beth and Gilly are looking for their own place to live together. But when they realise they can’t really afford it, it looks like Gilly and Beth will stay at the Ashworths.

Also, Hannah and Danny become closer, but Neville is no nearer to accepting him as his daughter’s boyfriend.

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