Ste overdoses on booze and drugs

Ste steals a bottle of vodka from the restaurant and heads home where he takes drugs and runs a bath for comfort. Leela and John Paul break open the bathroom door and pull him unconscious out of the tub. Ste wakes up in hospital and begs Leela to get him out of there to see John Paul.

Ziggy arrives at the Lomaxes with DVDs to cheer Leela up. However, he’s put out when Cameron turns up too. Ziggy leaves and Cameron thinks of a way to cheer Leela up – by taking her up to the school roof like when they were teenagers. Cameron kisses Leela, but she tells him they belong in the past. Does she mean it?

At The Hutch, Dirk asks to adopt Hilton, while Cindy is suspicious of Sinead’s cagey attitude and thinks she’s sleeping with imaginary Rhys. Dirk tells Cindy they’ve got an appointment with the social worker so he can adopt Hilton. He’s concerned when Cindy ignores him and rushes across the village after Sinead.