Ste pleads with Trevor for more drugs

Ste is desperate to get back into Freddie’s good books, but the newcomer is refusing to supply him. Sinead diverts Freddie’s attention in the pub and swipes his phone. She gets hold of Freddie’s supplier and sends Ste off to meet him, unaware it’s evil Trevor…

Ste can’t persuade Trevor to supply him, so Sinead fills a bag with painkillers to sell instead. Later, she’s approached by a student who she sold a dodgy pill to, who traps her in the alleyway and attacks her.

Tony goes back to hospital for his re-scheduled appointment and cuts a vulnerable figure in a hospital gown as he waits for his operation. Meanwhile, Darren tells Cindy about Tony’s condition. She rushes to the hospital and reassures him he’s not alone anymore – she will support him.

Esther and Tilly are awkward about their developing feelings for each other and they nearly kiss before being interrupted by Ruby.