Ste plots to run away with Lucas

Ste is despondent when Mike insists that Lucas will be staying with him from now on after nearly letting Daniel and Abi take him away. Mike lets Ste spend some time with Lucas before he hands him over. Ste plots to run away with Lucas and Abi but Daniel has been released by the police and nearly thwarts their plan. Ste has second thoughts when he realises that Abi only wants him for the baby and he sadly returns Lucas to Mike.

Lydia is miserable when Sarah gives her the cold shoulder, as she’s busy looking after Leah. Lydia suggests that they get a flat together but Sarah insists she can’t leave Mike and Leah alone. Lydia blurts out that she’s in love with Sarah and is gutted when Sarah reveals she doesn’t feel the same way and she thinks that they should break up.

Darren connives to undermine business at The Dog by hiring a rubbish new chef for Neville then taking over himself. Darren is miffed when Cindy puts forward Dom, as Dom is far too competent for his plan. Cindy is just relieved to have Dom out of the way at Il Gnosh so she can concentrate on Tony.

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