Ste rages at pregnant Amy

An oblivious Amy drops Ste right in it when she tells Justin how pleased she was to get the karaoke machine. Later, Amy is filled with dread when she realises she is pregnant. But Ste is delighted and calls in sick to work, so they can celebrate the good news.

Their party is short-lived though, when Justin confronts Ste over the missing goods. Amy tries to defend Ste, but after Justin leaves, his anger boils over and he ends up attacking her, not caring she is pregnant. Fleeing the flat, a terrified Amy has nowhere to turn until Tina offers to take her back to the McQueens’…

John Paul and Kireon tell Niall their engagement news but decide to keep it a secret from everybody else until they tell Myra. But Jacqui instinctively knows that John Paul is hiding something from her, and uses force to get him to spill the truth about his engagement to Kieron.

Thinking it’s a bad idea, she’s not scared to tell him exactly what she thinks of the situation. Later, Jacqui and Tony celebrate when Tina reveals she has registered Max’s birth and named Tony as his dad.

Also, Malachy makes a surprise appearance to inform Kris that Eamon has gone missing.

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