Brendan interrupts Ste and Rae in bed with the news about the fire. Lee’s still at Amy’s bedside when Ste and Brendan arrive. Brendan comforts an upset Ste and Macca who’s in hospital because of Brendan’s beating, sees them hugging. Ste listens to a voicemail from Amy from the night of the fire saying that she’s had a threatening call from Brendan.

Ste tells Rae he thinks that Brendan started the fire and that Brendan beat up Macca. Brendan can’t believe Ste would think he’d put Ste’s kids in danger. Rae asks Macca if it’s true that Brendan beat him up and Macca warns Rae that Brendan is dangerous. He tells a stunned Rae that Brendan and Ste are an item.

The family gather to watch Steph’s DVD. Gilly can’t deal with it and storms out. Frankie rages at Gilly for not stopping Steph from going into the burning building, while he wonders if Tony started the fire. Darren warns an angry Gilly to shape up and think of the family.

Also; Theresa finds a balloon with a fox picture on it outside the house. She goes back in and Warren puts his hand over her mouth, demanding to know who she’s told about their secret…

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