Ste snaps when Pauline arrives!

Ste’s shocked when his Mum turns up – Doug invited her. It’s clear she hasn’t lost her nasty side as she calls him ‘queer’. Ste flips when Doug and Pauline continue to hound him, he throws his Mum out of the Deli and takes out his anger on a shocked Doug… Doug tries to come to terms with Ste’s outburst, but can’t bear to be around his fiancĂ©.

Brendan loses it at his and Cheryl’s counselling session and storms out, leaving an apologetic Cheryl behind. Cheryl is heart-broken as she catches Brendan sneaking out. He has to go to face his demons.

Myra worries about her daughter’s marriage as Jacqui visits a solicitor. Meanwhile, Rhys meets Cindy, elated when he thinks Jacqui is ‘filing for divorce’ after seeing an open yellow pages. But he’s unaware they are being watched by Myra – busted!