Ste takes the stand

Leah and Lucas turn up at Ste’s door, with a beaming Doug clearly having something to do with it. However, it hasn’t changed anything and Ste storms off to the court. Doug asks Leanne to look after the kids and chases after him. He arrives just in time to hear Ste plead guilty, but facing the judge, Ste feels compelled to tell them exactly why he killed his mum and he gets a suspended two-year sentence.

Patrick finds Maxine and questions why she didn’t show the night before. She’s shocked when he takes her to a university campus and she sees Kevin. He explains that Patrick got him into Uni, but is he telling the truth? Patrick fills with rage when Maxine tells him she’s slept with someone else. She asks him whether he could forgive her  and he agrees, but all he can think about is the other man.

Lindsey decides to ignore Joe’s warning to take it easy and gets dressed up for a night out. In the pub later, Cindy and Lindsey see Mercedes and they all dance together. Joe is annoyed when he sees his fiancé so he carries her out.

Back at the flat, Leah overhears Leanne talking about what Ste did and runs away.