Ste tries to kiss Amy

Amy agrees to let Ste babysit Leah to spend time with Josh. A jealous Amy has a go at Josh after he enthusiastically starts going on about his uni course and his new friend Lydia. When Amy picks up Leah and Ste guesses that all is not right, Amy blurts out her insecurities. Ste tries to kiss Amy and she’s flustered and insists that she’s with Josh.

Hayley lies that her date with Rhys went well. Hayley confesses to Leila that Rhys did a runner before she even got out of the door. Zak is dismayed when he finds out and confronts him in the SU bar. Coward Rhys is forced to front up to Hayley to apologise. Hayley puts on a brave face but cries in private.

Calvin visits Warren to talk to him about a stolen laptop scam. Sasha turns up to ask Warren if she can put on a fashion show at The Loft and Calvin tries to bundle her out of the office before she sees the stolen laptops. Sasha sulks and brings up Calvin’s little secret. Calvin is furious with Sasha for mentioning Nige so glibly.

Also, Steph thinks Sarah is coming on to her; Cindy finds herself out of a job.

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