Ste tries to leave Daniel and Abi’s

Ste feels that he’s in the way at Abi and Daniel’s, especially after Lucas throws up on Daniel’s laptop and he makes plans to move out. Daniel panics when Ste talks Gilly into letting him have his old place back at the flat and he forces Gilly to change his mind. Daniel and Abi are relieved when Ste is forced to ask them if he can stay.

Calvin gets a job as a security guard to appease a nagging Leo. Calvin leaves Leo to baby-sit Spencer but Spencer does a runner and turns up at Calvin’s work. Calvin feels guilty about leaving Spencer in Leo’s care and quits his job. Spencer is delighted that he gets to spend more time with his friend but Leo worries about how the family will cope for money.

Loretta doesn’t want to make a fuss about her accident at the club and concentrates on her plans to get a new car. Darren and Hannah go to the hospital with Loretta to get her injuries checked over and later head to MOBS. Loretta is gutted when the pole-dancing club suggests that she takes a break from work and she rips up her car brochure.

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