Josh plans a romantic dinner for Amy but Michaela gatecrashes and launches into planning a party at the Ashworths’. As Josh reluctantly agrees, Ste gets wind of the get together and plans to go and win Amy back. As Ste arrives, Josh feels threatened and gets physical with Ste.

Later, Amy is horrified to catch Ste cradling Leah in the bedroom where he pleads with Amy to let him be a part of his unborn baby’s life. Meanwhile, Zak and Michaela get friendly at the party, and decide to sleep with each other as no-one else will have them.

Leila visits the seemingly still concussed Justin in hospital, still unable to tell him the truth about her lie that she is his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Justin reveals to Ste that he is playing along with Leila to wind her up.

Jacqui wants to prove to Tony that she can make a success of the tanning salon and asks him to prove how much he trusts her by posing as a tanning model.

Also, Darren is stunned when Newt confesses he saw Jack alive. Thinking quickly, Darren tells Newt that he can’t tell anyone what he saw in case they take him away.

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