After discovering the terrible truth, that Ryan killed Amy, Ste has knocked his lover out cold. However as Ryan comes round he tries to convince Ste that Tegan was lying and her evidence isn’t proof that he’s guilty. Meanwhile Ste torments him by showing him his and Amy’s wedding video.

Will the desperate killer, now on the back foot,  murder again to save his own skin?

As everything comes to a head, lives are on the line.

Elsewhere, James is shocked when Kyle admits he was only with Ryan until midnight on the night Amy met her grisly end. As James tries to piece together the investigation what else is he about to unearth?

Plus Diane is frustrated as Dee Dee continues to be disruptive and cause trouble. Farrah steps in to help the frazzled mum but Diane is later plunged into panic when something happens to her daughter. What exactly is wrong with Dee Dee?