Tony and Diane busy themselves  getting the restaurant in shape for the arrival of YouTube vlogger Amelia Gething who is coming to do a review,  but things don’t go to plan when a confused Diane greets Amelia and mistakes her for a student.

Elsewhere Ste and Ryan are hastily doing last minute packing for Brazil when Leela calls from the hospital to tell Ste that Tegan has had a seizure.

Ste rushes to be by his sister’s side while Ryan takes the children, Leah and Lucas, to Amy’s memorial tree to say their final farewells, however when they bump into Glenn, Leah reveals they’re jetting off to Brazil! What will Glenn’s reaction be?

Over at the hospital, Ste finds Tegan’s communication device and is stunned when he discovers a crucial message and realises it was Ryan who killed Amy.

As his blood runs cold, how will he confront the killer cop without jeopardizing his own children’s safety?