Ste won’t let Amy forget about him

Amy is fed up when Ste turns up at the antenatal class and squares up to Josh. Natty, another father at the class, steps in to calm things down but bonds with Ste and afterwards they head to The Dog for a pint. Ste goads Josh and he reminds him that he’ll always be part of Amy’s life seeing as he’s her baby’s father.

Sarah is disappointed when Mike continues to be cool with her and she’s upset when she later sees Mike chatting to Zoe at college. Zoe meets Kris for drinks in the SU bar and they are interrupted by Mike, who declines the offer to join them. Mike regretfully leaves them to it, realising he’s lost the girl he loves forever.

Archie tries his luck with Sarah again but she remains unaffected by his charms, leaving him puzzled, as he doesn’t usually have this much trouble with the opposite sex! Throwing his all into the pursuit of Sarah, Archie’s astounded to listen to the five requirements Sarah wants from a prospective boyfriend and vows to fill the criteria by hook or by crook.

Also, Sasha’s crush on Warren is fuelled when she catches sight of him semi-naked in the shower!

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