Ste starts to regret Doug and Leanne’s impending nuptials when he finds himself on the outside of the Carter family.

Riley visits a desperate Mitzeee in prison and Mercedes is devastated to see that they still have feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Dr Browning, is unravelling in Mercy’s absence…

It’s exam results day for the sixth formers, and its good news for Ricky, but will he be able to leave the comfort of his friends? Esther makes the mistake of being filmed doing a drunken impression of Maddie and ruining Maddie’s fur coat which Sinead is wearing when she’s drunkenly sick all over it.

Also, Brendan tries to persuade Cheryl to return to Ireland with him and Declan, but is she the only one holding him back? Meanwhile, Texas and Dodger have disastrous dates with Rob and Annalise.