Ste wrestles with his addiction in Hollyoaks

Cameron's no help as Ste Hay tries to turn over a new leaf in Hollyoaks...

Ste tries to hide his meth habit from Harry as he prepares for his first day working at The Bean. Ether sends him home when he’s unfit to work, so he swipes £400 from the petty cash tin at the garage and wants to call his dealer. Ste’s determined to stay clean… but then Cameron offers him some more drugs.

Elsewhere, Cameron can’t believe Lisa’s lazy attitude at The Tugboat. Both Cameron and Zack agree with Sonia when she calls Lisa a “bone idle brat”, leaving Lisa out for revenge. Lisa calls Sonia using a fake accent and lies that Jade has been rushed to A&E. Sonia rushes to the hospital, leaving the garage unmanned. Freddie’s furious when he returns to find money missing, and sacks Sonia!

Joe and Mercedes are overwhelmed at being parents to Lexi. Mercedes is annoyed when Joe leaves her alone with the kids, so she pinches his wallet to get a makeover and a new dress.

Jade’s heartbroken by the spiteful picture Peri has posted of her, while Peri starts to feel guilty. Her guilt doesn’t last for long, though, because then Nico overhears Jade shouting at Peri, and tells Peri she’ll help her get back at Jade.