Stella and Karl are back together! (VIDEO)

Leanne’s shocked to discover that Stella and Karl are back together. She brands Karl a cheat and a liar, while Dev reacts badly to news of their reunion.

When Faye’s off school sick Anna’s forced to take her to work with her. Coming into the cafe Tim gleans what’s going on and offers to look after Faye back at his flat. Anna reluctantly agrees as Faye laps up Tim’s attention. But Anna is left devastated when Faye makes a shock announcement and insists she wants to live with her dad

When both Eileen and Paul refuse to back down, an emotional Paul decides it’s time he went house hunting. As Paul goes Eileen struggles to hold it together as the pair split up

Also, Fiz offers to help Katy win Chesney back, but tells her it means making some sacrifices. But Katy is prepared to do whatever it takes to get him back; Mary plans an Australian night at the bistro.