Stella asks Gloria to leave

Gloria’s cheating has been exposed and Stella’s incandescent. The journalist scribbles away getting Norris and Mary’s version of events about how Gloria set out to fraudulently win the competition. With the bonfire party in full flow Stella’s forced to work hard to appease her customers. Stella tears a strip off Gloria, devastated that her mum has once again mucked up her life. When Gloria suggests she should move out, Stella agrees. Meanwhile, Lewis is secretly thrilled as he witnesses the chaos she’s caused. Audrey tries to build bridges, sad at the thought of losing him, and Lewis forgives her for her part in his betrayal.

With Deirdre certain that Wendy is just a sad, deluded woman she attempts to apologise to Ken. Meanwhile, Wendy calls at the house and admits to Ken that she hoped they could rekindle their old feelings. Ken makes it clear that’s never going to happen.

Maria half-heartedly sounds Marcus out about a move to London. When he says he doesn’t miss the place Maria’s quietly pleased. But Aiden is gutted when Maria tells him the news.

Also, Sally’s still sceptical about Nurse Jenna’s physio programme, but Sophie’s clearly impressed; Mandy works her first shift behind the Rovers bar.