Still unable to come to terms with the news that her mum is leaving Weatherfield, Eva complains to Jason about how selfish Stella is. But when Tony tells her she should support her mum, who is setting off on a new adventure, a pensive Eva decides to make up with Stella before she leaves.

Troubled by Tina’s confession that she might be pregnant, Peter visits a pub to drown his sorrows. Answering Peter’s call for a cab, Steve’s horrified to find him drunk. Steve concocts a cover story to tell Carla and Michelle and books them both in a room overnight to let Peter sober up. But with guilt eating away at him Peter drunkenly confesses to Steve that he’s having an affair with Tina!

Owen feels ashamed when he’s forced to ask Tim to pay for Faye’s school trip as money’s tight at the moment.

Also, Sally’s miffed at Tim for lying to her about Maddie being the burglar; and Sally grudgingly agrees to let Maddie stay, but makes it clear she’s on her final warning.