Stella falls from grace

Phil breaks off from the ceremony and stares in horror at Ben. A desperate Stella tries to grab Ben and drag him out of the ceremony, but Ben screams and collapses. Stella realises that the game is up and she runs from the room while Phil rescues his son. The truth dawns as Peggy takes off Ben’s shirt to discover that he’s covered in scratches and bruises.

Meanwhile, Stella sees the wedding car and makes her getaway Peggy screams at Phil to catch up with Stella and make her pay. Phil follows Stella to a building and Stella climbs up onto a roof to escape his wrath. As Phil reaches her, Stella threatens to jump and suddenly there’s a thud. Stella lies lifeless below, but did she jump or did Phil push her?

Bert is suspicious of Jase’s credentials as Jay’s dad as Jase goes off to find his son. He catches up with a gobsmacked Jay at the allotments and reveals that he’s come back to be a proper dad to him. Jay is delighted but he’s forced to explain to Jase about the dognapped Wellard. Jase makes Jay return Wellard and apologise to Yolande for being rude.

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