Stella kicks Karl out! (VIDEO)

As the police question Stella about the break-in Karl urges Sunita, who is shocked he hasn’t come clean, to keep her mouth shut and admits he needs £300 to buy him more time. Sunita lends him the money, but he’s unable to resist the temptation to gamble. Meanwhile, Stella’s stunned when bailiffs arrive at the pub to cover Karl’s debts. Under pressure Sunita reveals the truth about Karl’s gambling.

Tommy’s adamant he can’t face Geoff’s funeral, but Tina points out he’ll regret it if he doesn’t go. Tommy feels guilty for neglecting the Hortons over the years, so Tina offers to go with him.

Faye’s bored and Owen does his best to cheer her up with a trip into town. But when he offers to let a strapped-for-cash Anna off the rent for a few weeks, she’s irked.

Also, Sally offers to buy Frank’s share of the factory; Kirsty apologises to Tyrone.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Stella’s broken as she discovers the extent of Karl’s gambling debts. She’s found all his bank statements and as Karl walks in she lets rip. Karl admits he’s in a mess, he owes thousands. As she throws him out of the pub Stella denounces Karl as a lying scumbag. He leaves, but with nowhere to go it’s Sunita who finds him outside and takes him back to hers. As she vows to help him break his gambling habit, Sunita insists he stay the night on the sofa. With both their relationships in a mess they seek comfort in each other.

As Tommy and Tina return from Geoff’s funeral he thanks her for her support. It’s clear they’re meant to be together and Tyrone insists she has to tell Tommy how she feels. Alone with Tommy, Jason has said the same. As they go looking for each other both are ready to say how they really feel.

As the mediation counsellor tries to work towards a solution that will see Peter and Leanne sharing custody of Simon, Peter’s aggrieved. Leanne points out that he’s an alcoholic. Peter erupts. Fearing he’s played into her hands Peter admits to Carla that he’s terrified he might lose his son.