Stella and Karl call at No 6 offering Owen a half share of the Rovers if, in return, he finishes the job without payment. Stunned, Owen has no choice to think about her offer. Meanwhile, as Karl sets about clearing up the mess, Stella points out that they may have lost their home and their business, but they’ve still got each other. Karl asks Stella again if she’ll marry him and Stella finally agrees.

Gary calls at Tina’s flat and promises he’ll make sure she gets her surrogacy payment. When Izzy finds out what’s happened at the Rovers she’s worried about Gary and calls his mobile. She’s furious to find out that he was with Tina trying to reassure her about their financial situation.

David arrives home dog-tired after his shift at the bistro. Gail advises him to stop working so hard and stop stressing over Kylie and the baby.

Also, Sylvia reads the letter from St John and, telling Hayley it’s more for Roy than her, refuses to discuss it further; Carla, Peter, Rob and Tracy have dinner at the bistro where Peter and Rob continue to bicker over the bookies.