Stella struggles with Karl’s deceit

Stella’s in bits as she blames herself for Karl’s evil acts, struggling with the fact he did all this to win her back. But as her family rally round, the gossip starts, as people wonder whether Stella knew anything about Karl’s deeds. The police have questions to ask too and when they come calling at the pub it’s clear Stella’s struggling to cope as she welcomes the contempt of everyone around her. Meanwhile, many of the residents feel they owe Dev an apology for believing Sunita to be the arsonist.

Tim tries to worm his way back in with Sally when he sends a bunch of flowers to Underworld, apologising to her for missing the wedding. But Sally plays it cool in front of him.

As Roy pours his energies into caring for Hayley she’s determined to carry on with life and suggests Roy has his first driving lesson. With Roy out on the road, Hayley slips away to the factory to catch up on the gossip but it’s clear she is taking on too much too soon.

Also, Tyrone’s disappointed that Fiz still won’t agree to move in with him, worried about leaving Ches to fend for himself, but he’s distracted when he finds an injured racing pigeon in the garage.