Leanne‘s delighted at the effort Peter and Stella have gone to with her surprise party. It’s a fantastic night, but Stella is struggling to hide the truth and when she becomes emotional Peter leads her to the back room and tells her to pull herself together before she spoils Leanne’s evening. Listening in, Eva demands to know what is going on. Under pressure Stella explains to Eva that Leanne is actually her daughter.

Having taken Stella’s advice to back off a composed Becky returns to the pub telling Steve she knows she’s messed up their marriage, she’s seen a solicitor and will finally agree to the divorce. As Becky prepares to move out, Steve is full of sorrow.

Fiz is feeling more optimistic as the police investigation into Joy’s death hasn’t proved anything. They turn their attention to Roy and Hayley, asking questions about Fiz’s movements on the night Colin died which was also Chesney’s birthday. Hayley reveals that Fiz did leave the party at one point and went missing putting Fiz back in the spotlight once again.

Also, Owen comforts Anna when the bank refuse to consider her for a mortgage. Seeing her suffering he’s desperate to help her.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

As a stunned Leanne takes in the news that Stella is her mum, Eva’s furious with her for keeping the fact that Leanne is her sister a secret from her. Stella begs Eva’s forgiveness, but she’s bitter and tells Stella that while she may have gained a new daughter she’s lost her old one. Still reeling from the news, Leanne is stunned when Stella arrives on her doorstep desperate to explain why she left her as a baby.

Fiz despairs as the police focus on her. Her spirits plunge as they return to ask more questions in light of Hayley’s admission that Fiz left Chesney’s party briefly to look for John on the night Colin died. Fiz denies any wrongdoing, but the police are suspicious.

Becky and Steve ponder a life apart as they both attempt to put on a brave face and go their separate ways.

Also, Owen has a shocking proposition for Anna; Sophie, Sian and James host the charity auction at the Bistro.

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