Stella’s death sends shockwaves

Peggy takes Ben back to the Square and they go into the Vic, still decked out with the decorations for the wedding reception. Ian heads across the Square to confront Phil, followed by the curious neighbours.

Peggy decides to open up the Vic to dispel the rumours. As everyone gossips in the pub they are stunned when the doors are flung open and Phil marches in and up to the flat. Phil tells a gobsmacked Peggy that Stella is dead and the police arrive to question him.

Lucy is at the receiving end of Ian’s terrible mood when he catches her wearing a skimpy outfit. Ian tells Lucy that she looks like a tart and he wipes her lipstick off in front of everyone.

Max can’t resist stirring between Bradley and Stacey and he tells Stacey that the lack of action in the bedroom is something they need to sort out. Stacey is furious with Max for mentioning it and for Bradley for telling his dad.

Also, Bert worries that now that Jase has turned up to look after Jay he won’t be needed anymore; Abi gives Ben Marge 2 to look after.

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