Stella’s flat broke! (VIDEO)

Stella’s beside herself as she explains to Leanne how she’s financially ruined. After a run-in with Owen over his bounced payment she confides in Karl and Gloria about her predicament. Gloria suggests they ask Leanne to invest the money she got from the bookies in the pub instead. Hearing Stella out, Leanne agrees, but she has one shock condition for Stella…

When Steve places some complicated bets, Rob struggles with the maths and Peter enjoys belittling him, leaving Rob fuming. When Carla then sees Peter handing Steve some cash she demands to know what’s going on.

Paul arrives home to Eileen’s relief and announces he’s booked their wedding for two weeks’ time and arranged for them to visit Todd beforehand.

Also, David returns home exhausted after a day at the salon and an evening working at the bistro; Kylie feels guilty under Gail’s disapproving gaze.