Stella’s mother Gloria confronts Karl (VIDEO)

Stella and Eva are woken up by somebody banging on their door – it’s Gloria, Stella’s mum! Gloria explains all is not well in Spain and she needs to lay low. She’s upset to hear of Karl’s affair and heads round demanding to know exactly what’s been happening. Karl points the finger of blame firmly in Sunita’s direction, seeing Gloria’s arrival as a chance to win his way back into Stella’s heart.

After meeting her long-lost granddaughter Leanne, Gloria engineers a meeting between the two – however Stella’s reaction takes them both by surprise.

Tina is gutted when the police inform her of Tommy’s crash. She arrives at the hospital with Rita and they find Tommy suffering from a broken leg that will take up to three months to recover from. There’s no way they’ll pay off their debts now! Later, Tommy’s pizza parlour boss arrives with devastating news about the van Tommy’s written off in the accident.

Tracy emerges from Ryan’s room and Michelle practically drags her out the flat despite Ryan’s protests. Michelle and Steve make it clear to Ryan that his relationship with Tracy is wrong, but he won’t listen. Later, Ken suggests a tactic to Michelle and Steve about dealing with Tracy.

Also, Eileen and Paul clash over colour schemes.