Steph and Belinda are together

Belinda accuses Steph of telling the police about ‘them’. Steph swears she didn’t say anything and Belinda kisses her – only to be seen by Toadie. Steph admits Belinda is her ex and they met while she was incarcerated. She then reveals she was leaving a message for her mum at the time of the fire. Mark confirms that if the phone records check out, Steph’s in the clear.

Aaron goads Nate into showing him Paul’s emails but when he reads one denigrating Erinsborough High’s students he tells Nate that their Mayor needs to be taught a lesson. Nate warns against doing anything illegal – but Aaron secretly sends Paul’s email to the West Waratah Star.

Toadie unwittingly reveals to Imogen that it was Lauren that Brad saved from the fire, not Terese. Furious, Imogen confronts Brad and Lauren, telling them the time for playing happy families is over.