Steph and Dom get messy!

Steph is desperate to redecorate the flat and put her grief behind her but she’s worried that if she changes the flat she’ll be betraying Max’s memory. Dominic gives Steph some good advice and tells her that Max can be remembered in other ways. Dominic offers to help her with the decorating and they have a fun afternoon.

Ste confesses to Natty that he’s been getting prank calls during the night. Natty reveals that the same thing happened to him when he became a dad. Natty mentions his conversation with Ste to Daniel, who tells Abi that Natty is threatening their plan. Ste loses his job when he can’t cope at work and Natty heads to Ste’s to commiserate. Daniel catches Natty before he goes in and warns him that he’ll reveal his past to Ste if he doesn’t stay clear.

Calvin struggles for cash but can’t bring himself to ask Spencer for rent. Spencer realises that Calvin is struggling and takes it upon himself to buy the family some food shopping and give Calvin rent money. Calvin tells Spencer he can’t take his money but Spencer is insistent and he also gives Sasha some money to visit Josh in Manchester to give herself some time to get her head together.

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